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Author Guidelines

General Information

The journal publishes research results in the following areas: therapeutic dentistry, surgical dentistry, prosthetic dentistry, orthodontics, paediatric dentistry, implantology, epidemiology, organization and issues of methodology of medical science. For more information, see the Journal Sections, Aims and Scope.

Manuscripts submitted to the journal “Ukrainian Dental Almanac” must be original and unpublished. They should not be considered at the same time as any other publication. Responsibility for the content of the article rests with the authors, not the editors or publishers.

Manuscript Submission

All manuscripts and additional information are to be sent to the email address ukrdent@pdmu.edu.ua. Executive Editor: Kostiantyn Valentynovych Marchenko, tel. +380505666699

The submission should contain the full name of the author, place of work, work address, contact information (phone, email), as well as the unique identifier ORCID. Information is provided in the original language of the article and in English.

Requirements for manuscripts:

  1. The text of the article is typed in the text editor Microsoft Word 97-2003. The page size is A4; top, bottom and left margins – 2.5 cm, right margin – 1.5 cm.
  2. The title of the article is typed in 14pt font size, bold, capital letters, centred. Main text: line spacing – 1.5. Font – Times New Roman 14pt, text alignment – to the width of the page, automatic hyphenation, first line indention – 1.25 cm. The article is formatted without headers and footers and page numbering.
  3. Illustrations should be submitted in accordance with the requirements printed in the “Bulletin of the Higher Attestation Commission of Ukraine” No. 2, 2000. The number of illustrative material should not exceed 6 items.
  4. The volume of clinical and experimental-theoretical articles should not be less than 5 pages of computer text (except for the references and summary); volume of review articles should not exceed 14 pages, reviews – up to 1, 5 pages.
  5. On the first page of the article, please indicate the UDC, the initials and surname of the authors in capital letters, the title of the article, the name of the institution (institutions) where the authors work. It is necessary to give the official full name of the institution (without abbreviations). After the name of the institution, enter the name of the city and country separated by comma. If authors from different institutions participated in the study, the names of institutions and authors’ names should be correlated using numeric indices in the upper case.
  6. In the presentation of the material it is necessary to adhere to the following sequence:
  • relevance of the study with a clear formulation of aims and objectives, scientific novelty and practical significance;
  • brief description of materials and research methods;
  • research results and discussion;
  • conclusion;
  • directions for future research;
  • authors’ contribution statement;
  • acknowledgements (if necessary);
  • conflict of interests;
  • list of references;
  • keywords.
  1. The authors served  first in Cyrillic, and then in Latin, as required by Vancouver Style. References in the text must be given by numbers in square brackets.
  2. Summary should be provided in two languages 1600-1800 characters each. The summary should contain an introductory sentence, a brief description of research methods (1-2 sentences), a description of research results the results of the study (50-70% of the summary) and brief conclusions and directions for future research (1-2 sentences).
  3. Keywords in the amount of 4-6 words or phrases that do not duplicate words from the title of the article.
  4. The Editorial Board reserves the right to edit and shorten articles. If the article does not meet the requirements or there is a need to return it for its correction, the date of receipt will be considered the date of receipt by the Editorial Board of the revised version.
  5. The authors are responsible for the accuracy of the content of the submitted materials.
  6. The payment for the publication of an article formatted in accordance with the requirements for the manuscript is made on the basis of: One article page of an A4 paper with printed text in one and a half interval, font size 14, costs 102,00 UAH. All authors of the article are provided with one copy of the journal.

The order of a summary in Latin includes:

  • The title of the article in English; transliterated last name, first name and patronymic of all authors;
  • Full names of organizations in which the authors work. The names of organizations, city and country are provided in English without abbreviations. The official English name of the institution must be indicated;
  • Summary in English (2 pages of printed text or up to 1000 characters for articles in English), structured, containing aims, objectives, research methods and results;
  • Key words.

Download article sample (DOCX)

Accompanying documents

Accompanying documents are sent to the postal (original version) or email address (scanned copy) of the Editorial Office.

  • The cover letter signed by the head of the organization in which the work was carried out.
  • Manuscript, signed by all authors of the article.
  • A statement of the possibility of publishing this work in an open press;
  • An agreement signed by the authors on the transfer of the authors’ rights to publish the manuscript and subsequent publication of the article on the Internet.
  • Author’s information with the following data: Author’s name, place of work, work address, contact information (telephone, email), and also unique identifier ORCID. (The Editorial Board does not examine articles in case if at least one of the authors does not have an ORCID).

Review procedure

Peer review (expert assessment) of manuscripts of scientific articles is carried out to maintain a high scientific and theoretical level of the journal “Ukrainian Dental Almanac” in order to select the most valuable and relevant scientific works. Double blind (anonymous) peer review is used in the journal “Ukrainian Dental Almanac”. Review procedure.

The journal “Ukrainian Dental Almanac” uses software to identify textual borrowings in the submitted manuscripts: Detector Plagiarist, Antiplagiat, eTXT. Manuscripts in which plagiarism or textual borrowings were detected without reference to the original source are rejected by the Editorial Board before the article is published in the journal. Plagiarism policy.

Copyright Statement

If the article is accepted for publication in the journal “Ukrainian Dental Almanac”, the author must sign an Agreement on the transfer of copyright. The agreement is sent to the postal (original version) or to the email address (scanned copy) of the Editorial Office.

All materials are distributed under the the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License International CC-BY license, which allows others to distribute the work with acknowledgment of copyright of this work and the first publication in this journal.

Privacy Policy

Names and email addresses provided by users of this site will only be used for internal technical tasks of this journal; they will not be distributed and transferred to third parties. Privacy Policy, Confidentiality and Consent to Personal Data Processing.

Funds for the publication should be transferred to the following bank details:

Recipient: Poltava State Medical University
Bank: State Treasury Service of Ukraine in Kyiv
MFO: 820172
USREOU Code: 43937407
Purpose of payment: Per article in “Ukrainian Dental Almanac” author’s full name

One page costs – 102,00 UAH.