• O. А. Glazunov State Institution "Dnipropetrovsk Medical Academy of Health of Ukraine" Faculty of Postgraduate Education Dept. of dentistry
Keywords: metabolic syndrome, parodont, inflammation, dysbios, Kvertulin, hyperlipidemia.


Actuality: Problem of prophylaxis and treatment of metabolic syndrome became very actual in the last decades. Reason of development of metabolic syndrome is a row of factors, among that the special role is played by violations of feed and, foremost, surplus receipt of lipids.

Research aim: to study therapeutic and preventive effect of “Kvertulin” on a paradontium in rats with the metabolic syndrome.

Materials and methods: an experimental metabolic syndrome was reproduced in white rats of Wistar line. In addition, for rats caused an immunodeficiency by injection of cytostatic “Cyclophosphan”. All animals were distributed in 3 equal groups: 1st - intact, 2nd and 3rd with a metabolic syndrome. The 3rd group was taken by “Kvertulin” every day. In blood determined maintenance of leucocytes, in the blood serum is maintenance of glucose, triglycerides, cholesterol and bilirubin, and also activity of alanine transaminase. In homogenate of gums determined the level of markers of inflammation : activity of elastase and maintenance of malonic dialdehyde, and also activity of urease (marker of microbal semination) and lysozyme (index of non-specific immunity), maintenance of hyaluronic acid and activity of catalase, expected the degree of dysbiosis by Levitsky, antioxidant-peroxide index.

Result and its discussion: at the metabolic syndrome reproduced in rats, maintenance of lymphocytes is mionectic for certain and monocytes, thus their level small changes at taking of “Kvertulin”. The level of glucose, triglycerides, cholesterol, bilirubin, andalso activity of alanine transaminase, increases for certain. It testifies to the hyperglycaemia, lipidemia and parafunction of liver. Taking of “Kvertulin” normalizes all biochemical indexes of blood serum.

Both investigational markers of inflammation promote for certain the level at a metabolic syndrome, and taking of “Kvertulin” reduces him till about a norm.

Activity of urease (р>0,05) increases and activity of lysozyme goes down for certain (р<0,001). Taking of “Kvertulin” makes positive influence on both indexes: reduces activity of urease and promotes activity of lysozyme.

Thr level of dysbiosis in gums of rats with the metabolic syndrome increases in 4,6 time, and taking of “Kvertulin” reduces it to the norm; for certain maintenance the level of hyaluronic acid decreases in gums, that increases after taking of “Kvertulin”; for certain go down activity of catalase, and antioxidant-peroxide index, that is normalized under the influence of “Kvertulin”. Taking of “Kvertulin” reduces the level of atrophy considerably, returns it to the norm.

Conclusions: the efficiency of “Kvertulin” is well proven in an experimental metabolic syndrome in rats, that allows to prevent development of periodontitis due to the removal of the phenomena of immunodeficit, increases of level of hyaluronic acid and antioxidant defence. Our finding allows to recommend inclusion of “Kvertulin” in the complex of the therapeuticl and preventive facilities applied for patients with a metabolic syndrome.


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