• E. Ryabokon Kharkov national medical university, Kharkov
  • E. Dolya Kharkov national medical university, Kharkov
  • N. Zhdanova Kharkov national medical university, Kharkov
Keywords: furcation perforation, digital thermometry, chronic periodontitis.


Perforation of hard tissue of teeth is one of the severe complications in endodontic practice. Research of the thermometric indicators of the mucous membrane in the treatment of perforations is an urgent task of endodontics. It can make results of treatment objective.

The purpose of research - to determine the temperature indicators of the gum on the various stages of perforations of dental hard tissues treatment.

Depending on the method of treatment, the patients were divided into two groups: basic and comparison group. Chronic apical periodontitis was detected in all the patients. Depending on the form of chronic periodontitis of patients in each group, two subgroups have been allocated. Thermometric indexes were detected by the method Lysov and Smolyanko. Temperature measuring was carried out using a digital thermometer (manufacturer «Microlife») with an accuracy of scale 0.01 °C. 264 measurements were obtained.

According to the results obtained parameters were calculated on the rate of standardized indicators. After 1 month of observation in two main sub-groups temperature rise to indicators of 34,8 ± 0,44 ºC was observed, and in the subgroups of comparison results were 32,9 ± 0,43 ºC. At 6 months follow-up in both groups there was a significant reduction of the local temperature to -2.16% in 1 basic subgroup and 2.82% in the 2 basic subgroup (p <0.05). After 12 months of treatment, the temperature indicator in the main subgroups constituted, on average, 34,1 ± 0,58 ºC and subgroup comparisons was equal to 33,9 ± 0,42 ºC (p> 0.05).


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