• P.N. Skripnikov HSEEU «Ukrainian Medical Stomatological Academy», Poltava
  • T.P. Skripnikova HSEEU «Ukrainian Medical Stomatological Academy», Poltava
  • V.P. Bashtan HSEEU «Ukrainian Medical Stomatological Academy», Poltava, Ukraine
  • V.F. Pocherniaeva HSEEU «Ukrainian Medical Stomatological Academy», Poltava
  • V.V. Ishchenko HSEEU «Ukrainian Medical Stomatological Academy», Poltava
Keywords: oncological prevalence, revealing, diagnostics, oncologic alarm, centre activity realization ways.


On the tasks and actions performance of the State program “About the tasks and actions performance of the Nation-wide program for struggle against oncological diseases for the period to 2016”, for the purpose of effectiveness increase of oncologic diseases prevention, early revealing and treatment of oncological patients maintenance, program performance actions in the Poltava region have been developed and approved. It includes activity of oral mucosa diseases diagnostics and treatment centre, created in 2011 on the base of stomatologists post-graduate education department of HSEEU "UMSA".

The aim of this work was to increase stomatologists oncological literacy and oncologic alarm in cancer and precancer diseases diagnostics, treatment, prevention at the multidisciplinary concept introduction.

On the given theme was carried out cooperation of stomatologists with oncologists, examination was performed on base oncologic dispensary, with use of its laboratories.

Materials and methods. For 3 years of centre activity 1695 patients at the age from 18 to 80 years are consulted. Among them women - 993 (58,6%), men - 702 (41,4%). Patients appealed for the help at the age of 21- 35 years - 24,3%, 36-55 years - 56%, 56-80 years - 17,8%, 23% - rural population.

From total number of patients in 209 (12,4 %) an oral mucosa and red border precancer diseases were diagnosed. Most often patients appealed on the subject of various forms of leukoplakia (plane, verrucous, erosiveulcerous) - 36,2%. Lichen ruber planus is diagnosed in 32,5% of cases. Fibromas and papillomas are defined in 11,3%, cheilitis Manganotti in 6,6 %, limited hyperkeratosis - in 2,2%.

In 19 patients in 1,5% of cases from total number of this group of patients an oral mucosa, language, lips, soft palate cancer is detected. In single cases the erosiveulcerous form of leukoplakia and lichen ruber planus malignization is noted (1,05%).

These data form the basis to necessity of conducting with doctors the seminars on oral mucosa diseases diagnostics, office-work in stomatology.

In the assumption of the received data analysis of the consulting centre activity, following ways of realization its activity, directed on diagnostics and treatment quality improvement of patients with precancer and cancer diseases, were generated:

  • Information on its activity in dental clinics, dental room in Poltava and Poltava region at the expense of department, academy website usage;
  • Announcements at conferences, seminars;
  • Clinical cases analysis with doctors;
  • Feedback with the attending stomatologist at the case record expert estimation, the consulting conclusion with the research additional methods results, the clinical situation discussion;
  • Assistance in other profiles experts consultations (oncologist, neuropathologist, infectiologist, therapist, allergist, etc.);
  • Firm "Lux-dent" device UFL-122 is offered and introduced for early diagnostics of oral mucosa and red border precancer diseases at light mode G-green with 1% toluidine blue subsequent coloring;
  • On the consulting centre activity materials basis dissertational work is defended, articles are published, reports at conferences, seminars are presented, the information letter is published, the patent for a diagnostics method is taken out;
  • Knowledge increase plans and programs in oncology for stomatologists and family doctors are developed. They are realized at regional, city, district, interdistrict conferences. According to plans the conducting of interdistrict seminars on problems of oncology was scheduled. It included 9 base central regional hospitals with neighboring areas doctors’ involvement.


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