• Yu.V. Sulym Danylo Halytsky Lviv National Medical University, Department of Therapeutic Dentistry
Keywords: treatment of periodontitis, S-methylmethionine sulfonium chloride, vitamin U, gel, film.


The study examines the effectiveness of treatment of periodontitis using gel and films containing Smethylmethionine sulfonium chloride on collagen and synthetic substrates.

Under our supervision there were 78 patients with chronic generalized periodontitis of 1 and 2 degrees of severity in the acute phase. Patients of the main group (47 people) were treated with products containing Smethylmethionine sulfonium chloride. In the control group (31 people) the traditional therapy was used. Efficacy of treatment was assessed by the dynamics of clinical picture, degree of bleeding, the nature and amount of discharge from the periodontal pockets. We determined the periodontal index, the index of hygiene and depth of pockets and performed X-rays. The results were evaluated immediately after treatment, and after one and three months after its completion.

Treatment started with the removal of dental plaque, removal of other traumatic factors. Open and closed curettage of periodontal pockets were performed if necessary. In the gaps between teeth, periodontal pockets the proposed injected gel produced film of appropriate size. Treatment was carried out until the normalization of the periodontal status of the patient. General treatment was prescribed, nutrition and antiseptic rinses were recommended.

Observations of the main group of patients showed that the treatment applied resulted in rapid elimination of inflammation symptoms after 1-2 sessions of therapy. After the treatment the gum line, it became harder and pale pink in color, mobility of teeth and periodontal pockets disappeared or decreased. The desired therapeutic effect of the treatment in the main group was observed in 77% of cases, in the control group – in 51%. Periodontal index in patients in the control group before and immediately after treatment was 2.87 ± 0.06 and 0.82 ± 0.09 respectively, in the experimental group – 2.82 ± 0.06 and 0.38 ± 0.05 (P < 0.001). The above mentioned trend was observed in the future. Thus, 1 month after treatment completion rates of periodontal index were: 0.95 ± 0.12 in the control group, and 0.45 ± 0.07 – in the experimental (P <0.001). After 3 months of treatment, repeated studies of periodontal indices showed the following values: control group of patients – 1.11 ± 0.14, research group – 0.52 ± 0.08 (P < 0.001).

Conclusions. The medicinal forms offered by us – gel and a film on the basis of vitamin U – are effective remedies for the treatment of periodontitis, they are convenient in use, do not cause side effects. On the basis of the research results, it has been established that medical films are kept on the surface of mucous membrane of a gum from one to three hours.


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