• L. Kaskova HSEIU "UMSA
  • L. Ulasevych HSEIU "UMSA
Keywords: tooth decay, hypertrophy of the adenoids, health index, pH level, children.


The modern concept of the dental caries etiology indicates its multifactorness, including the influence of both factors local and general. According to the results of scientific research on the pathogenesis of such disease major role takes plaque. Colonization the tooth surface by bacteria is the main factor in determining the background and development of tooth decay. The occurrence of tooth decay associates with a local changes in pH under the plaque onto the tooth surface as a result of fermentation with carbohydrates, provided by microorganisms, and the organic acids formations.

Objective: Determination of the oral conditions, health and pH level of oral fluid, as the risk factors of tooth decay for temporary teeth in children of 3-5 years old, considering the presence of adenoid hypertrophy, to develop the most effective preventive measures.

Examining children 3-5 years old were chosen to solve the problem. The main group, being examined, having adenoids, consists of 92 people (36,22%), control group – having no adenoids – are 162 (63,78%). All overviewed were divided into 3 age groups: 3-year, 4-year, 5-year-old. Examined children are 1-3 and health groups living in Poltava city, with the same social conditions. Choosing such age group was caused by the presence of children in temporary stabilization period of tooth development.

All examinees were determined according to: pH level of the oral liquid (pH), the hygienic condition of the oral cavity has been established in correspondence with the YU index. Fedorova, VV.Volodkina (1971).

According with results, the condition of oral health in children with adenoid growth is bad, and the examinees having no somatic diseases – considered as satisfactory. Over every age group is been indicated worse state of oral health in children carrying somatic pathology in comparison with children without it (p ≤ 0,05), but no significant difference between age indicators has been seen. Analysis of the pH level in mixed saliva of children among examined and control group displayed the average level is normal within the lower box. Research monitored significantly lower pH of oral fluid in children with adenoid vegetations comparing to healthy ones. Analysis of results shows the existence of the inverse correlation between the indicators of oral health condition in children with adenoid hypertrophy and pH vlevel in unstimulated oral fluid, 3 and 4 years aged groups showed medium, and in 5 years a high indicator.

Research result is the basis for the further development and study of the prevention schemes effectiveness aimed on defeat such situation.


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