• P. I. Yatsenko Yaroslav Mudryi National Law University
Keywords: morality in health care, medical ethics, the legal status of the patient.


The purpose of the publication of the article is to remind of legal relations between professional health workers and the subject of this relationship (patient), based on the rules of morality and law for patient (health law). The question of the morality, medical ethics and medical law in national system has both theoretical and practical aspects. After establishing regulatory frameworks, implementation of health activities ensures the effective implementation of regulatory functions and security law.

Moral behavior is the rule, which is common for any society, including the medical. Standards of medical ethics as a social regulator of medical practice, are rules accepted in society on the medicine according to the perceptions of people might be right or wrong, useful and harmful, good and bad, fair and unfair. Norms of morality provide, formulate and secure the society (social systems), classes, enterprises and groups of people. Which are forms of social consciousness and social kind of superstructure, the rules governing by behavior in everyday life, in terms of production, in family relations, it can adjust communication with one to another in specific communities.

The medical community, for a long time, is exhausted by ethics rules and ethics, mutual respect, unwritten rules of corporatism. The latter are often in conflict with legal rights. This is displayed in a special kind of solidarity, in an effort to "do not wash dirty linen" in defects of care. This is most significant while analyzing complaints of patients, forensic investigations on the unprofessional actions of medical personnel which leads to disability or death of the patient. It is often provides the medical commissions and forensic formulating to do the least possible harm to the accused doctor. Thus, the medical commission and forensic experts are members of the tribe medicinal inherent professional corporatism, involved in conflict with legal standards of health and civil law. Differences between moral norms and the rule of law in the regulation of medical practice boil down to the fact signifying that moral norms are formed in the mind, and the law established or authorized by the State; moral standards are abstract and legal sufficiently detailed official; violation of moral standards leads to measures of social influence, and violation of the law providing legal punishment.

Areas of moral and medical legal relations sometimes extent overlaps. Medical law, a complex area of legal rights, addressed directly to man and intended to implement constitutional rights. It combines law for patient and health care worker and contributes the regulation of social relations in the field of medical practice. Providing medical activity we should understand a complex system that includes the organization and direct provision of health care for citizens number the diagnostic, therapeutic and preventive measures and quality control of medical services.

The legal status of the patient provides medical help for everyone who asks for the person entitled to it. Of course, no medical indications for treatment will make it impossible, however, there is the potential likelihood for each person in need, if necessary, to receive fine care. Medical institution belongs to the state or municipal health system specializes in certain types of medical care in case of application of a citizen in need of treatment requires providing such kind of assistance. The fact of the contract for the provision of care involves the inclusion of its content conditions highly full paid, due to the nature of the medical intervention and a similar agreement.

Professional morality in the medical community is a source of major provisions of the health law as an independent branch of law. Knowledge, realization and performance of health workers of such provisions in relation to the patient will avoid conflicts between subjects and objects of medical relations. Development, improvement and implementation of legislative and legal framework normative of state regulation for medical practice, separation health law as independent branch of law, is considered as strategy of Ukraine's state policy about the health.


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