• E. Diasamidze Educational and Research Institute of Dentistry Kharkiv Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education Research Institute of Dental Sciences of Ukraine, Odessa
  • M. Diasamidze Kharkiv National Medical University
  • K. Zhukov Kharkiv National Medical University
  • S. Schneider Educational and Research Institute of Dentistry Kharkiv Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education Research Institute of Dental Sciences of Ukraine, Odessa
Keywords: pain sensitivity, reflexology, removable laminar dentures.


Dentures and materials from which they are made, may affect the oral mucosa, a condition which is normally balanced. This is reflected in the emergence of such phenomena as mechanical injury (which is usually accompanied by inflammatory reactions of the mucosa), allergic reactions, increased atrophic processes. At the same attention dentists, podiatrists increasingly focused on treating complications that occur after the start of the use of a removable prosthesis; at the same time as their prevention is equally important task since the start of rehabilitation measures.

In orthopedic treatment dental pain can be accompanied by sensitivity disorders and various paresthesias (burning, itching, crawling sensation, numbness, tingling, tingling).

Current data on the physiology, pathophysiology, etiology, pathogenesis and pain clinic indicate that many chronic pain syndromes are systemic diseases that are based on pathology of pain sensitivity (pain control system). Imbalance between nociceptive and antinociceptive components of the system pain control manifests a rich variety of clinical syndromes and entities that so examination and treatment requires a multidisciplinary approach and is being actively developed in recent years.

Modern medicine has a significant, rapidly replenished arsenal of painkillers and methods, most of which are aimed at the suppression of the nociceptive system. But at the same time blocking suppression of nociception and antinociceptive natural activates the system. So far the appointment of drugs and even those that effectively relieve pain pathogenesis can be considered reasonable for treatment of pathological pain. Analgesic effect of acupuncture and its derived methods of modern reflexology are based on the activation of natural antinociceptive and stress limiting mechanisms and the use of non-drug methods in combination with properly selected pharmacological drugs give the most promising strategy for treatment, especially for patients with pathological pain.

Based on the foregoing, the aim of our study was to improve ways to prevent pain when using dentures.

The problem is solved by changing the circuit of preprosthesis preparation and by applicating method to prevent complications, thus prevention of pain and increased pain threshold of mucosal prosthetic field were achieved.

For preprosthesis training esthesiometric diagnosis of tissue was conducted on dentition apparatus "Esteziometr."

After determining the pain threshold in mucosa alveolar process and palate, needles in the appropriate zone of auricular earlobe were inserted. Microneedle therapy conducted continuous exposure to a group of acupuncture points with lasting cycle of 7 days.

To achieve a meaningful therapeutic effect and to consolidate the obtained results 3 auricular microneedle therapy was performed. The interval between cycles was 5 days.

After prolonged use of auricular microneedle therapy in all 7 patients of the first group, with high pain sensitivity of mucosal prosthetic bed, there was a steady reduction in pain sensitivity of mucosal prosthetic bed.

After applying prolonged microneedle therapy in the second group in 52 patients out of 57, with high pain sensitivity of mucosal prosthetic bed, there was a steady disappearance of pain response while using removable dentures. Analysis of the data indicates that prolonged courses of 3 auricular microneedle therapy, 91.2% of cases resulted in steady disappearance of pain response using removable dentures.

When comparing the pain threshold mucosal prosthetic bed marked fluctuations of these thresholds.

With prolonged use of auricular mictoneedle therapy, the pain threshold of mucosal prosthetic bed increases that can be used to prevent pain and paresthesias in the orthopedic treatment with removable dentures.


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