• N.V. Tsvetkova Higher State Educational Establishment of Ukraine "Ukrainian Medical Stomatological Academy
Keywords: interdental papillae gums, preparation.


Introduction. In literature the question of injury of interdental gingival papillae by micropieces of grinding hard tissues of the tooth crown and micropieces abrasive material separated during grinding not find your coverage. However, as confirmed by research conducted by us and the nature of injuries and the dynamics of pathological changes in the structure of interdental gingival papillae from the first to the seventh day after grinding bits indicate the presence of acute inflammation or acute gingivitis.

Purpose. To investigate the inflammatory changes in the interdental gingival papilla sort micropieces grinding of hard tissues of the tooth crown and micropieces abrasive material separated during grinding.

Materials and methods. Taking interdental gingival papillae performed in the department of prosthodontics with the consent of the patient. Material immediately immersed in 2% solution glutar aldehyde in phosphate buffer of pH 7.4. Interdental gingival papillae collected at different times after grinding crowns in different modes boron rotation or separation disc (the first, third, fifth and seventh day).

Results and discussion. Inflammatory changes limited mostly the boundary epithelia and connective tissue. In the investigated material determinant of the inflammatory process was mechanical action micropieces of grinding hard tissues of the tooth crown and micropieces abrasive material separated during grinding. micropieces by kinetic energy provided by their rotating motion dental unit, penetrate inside interdental gingival papillae, on his way damaging their structural components.

Impermeable protective role of epithelial keratinizing plate epithelium partially interdental gingival papillae thus lost for those micropieces, the kinetic energy exceeds the capacity coarsen scales withstand mechanical action of harmful factors. Because grinding one contact surface crown interdental gingival papilla, associated with this tooth, gets a significant amount of microscopic lesions or wounds. In other words, there is one component of inflammation - alteration. As a result, there is a wound inflammation.

The processes that determine the inflammatory and reparative changes based on reactions to injury from the local area and hematopoietic-immune system. From these positions in the gums and gingival interdental papilla man as structural and functional units microcomplex color tissue consisting of microvascular exchange segment as capillary loose connective tissue that mediates the metabolism between blood and epithelium, and areas of the coating epithelium surrounding the previous structure.


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