• P.I. Tkachenko Ukrainian Medical Stomatological Academy, Poltava, Ukraine
  • I.I. Starchenko Ukrainian Medical Stomatological Academy, Poltava, Ukraine
  • M.I. Dmytrenko Ukrainian Medical Stomatological Academy, Poltava, Ukraine
  • M.O. Cholovskyi Ukrainian Medical Stomatological Academy, Poltava, Ukraine
Keywords: impacted teeth, morphostructure of mucous membrane, surgical-orthodontic treatment.


Impacted teeth are rather common and complex dentofacial anomaly, which requires a balanced approach not only in differential diagnosis of its specific nosological form, but also in a choice of rational treatment methods. Taking into account the multi-factor nature of conditions formation for delay of teeth eruption, an approach to treatment should be directed towards guiding links of pathogenesis.

The aim of the study is to increase effectiveness of surgical and orthodontic treatment of patients with impacted teeth of anterior maxillary region by studying morphological features of mucous membrane over impacted teeth, depending on conditions of their positioning.

A group of 21 individuals aged from 15 to 17 years was formed to evaluate objectively the results of our work. Clinical situation in all the patients was the same according to diagnostic criteria as presence of impacted maxillary canines and medium level of vertical depth of impaction (in alveolar process); root formation: completely formed, with deviation of longitudinal axis of impacted tooth from correct axis of eruption from 15º to 45º. During further analysis, clinical subgroups were identified depending on conditions of impacted teeth positioning in vestibular-oral direction.

Moderate dystrophic changes in stratified squamous epithelium, moderate sclerotic changes in papillary layer of lamina propria were found based on findings of microscopic structure of mucous membrane over palatal positioning of teeth.

During investigation of morphological structure of mucous membrane over labially positioning of impacted teeth, there were phenomena of hyperkeratosis, an increase in the number of intraepithelial lymphocytes, presence of epithelial cells in the basal layer with signs of hydropic degeneration. In papillary layer of lamina propria of mucous membrane, sclerotic changes were observed, which were more pronounced in comparison with palatal positioning of impacted teeth.

Complex analysis of results of morphological studies showed that in mucous membrane positioning over impacted teeth there is deterioration with anemia in filling conditions of microcirculatory bed, discirculatory disorders, which leads to formation of ischemic zones and development of dystrophic and sclerotic processes.

Morphological features of the structure of mucous membrane over impacted teeth is an important to consider while planning surgical and orthodontic treatment, and to some extent, it is possible to adjust management tactics of such patients, taking into account labial or palatal positioning of impacted teeth.


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