• Y.N. Dychko SA “Dnipropetrovsk medical academy Ukraine МНС”
  • I.W. Kovach SA “Dnipropetrovsk medical academy Ukraine МНС”
  • P.L. Sribnyk SA “Dnipropetrovsk medical academy Ukraine МНС”
  • V.А. Vovk SA “Dnipropetrovsk medical academy Ukraine МНС”
Keywords: patients, glossodinia, glossalgia, treatment, solution andekalina.


Despite the significant prevalence in the population of major dental diseases is 30-70%, a relatively high proportion are pathological processes of periodontal tissues and mucous membranes of the mouth (GPRS). They hit 10-50% of the population. If the problem of dental caries, pulpitis and periodontitis in the current environment can be solved quite efficiently and to a dentist presents no particular difficulty in diagnosis, treatment and prevention, the therapeutic intervention in case of periodontitis or stomatitis always require in-depth examination of the patient to determine the true origin and factors the specific mechanism of this pathological process. This is possible only if the rational specialization of care for people with periodontal disease and GPRS, a sufficient level of professionalism of the doctor. Particular difficulties exist for patients with diseases neyrostomatologicheskimi what are glossodiniya and glosalgiya. Unprofessional actions of the doctor, only symptomatic treatment of choice, lack of an integrated approach to health-care actions at PBF RBCU fraught with lack of complete izlicheniya or significant effect, exacerbating the patient's condition and generates a lack of confidence in the final positive outcome, dramatically reduces the quality of life of the sick person. Therefore studied the possibility to increase the efficiency of complex treatment neyrostomatologicheskih diseases using electrophoresis Sopra where implemented PBB A total of 250 patients with PBF GPRS (glossodeniya at 101 and at 149 glossalgia persons) who have studied the clinical and laboratory parameters, including the state of the sympathetic-adrenal, and kallikrein-kinin vascular system. It was found that the vast majority of patients have chronic diseases place of the digestive system (glossodeniya) and neuro-vascular disorders (glossalgia). These same individuals indicated the presence of activation of adrenal system at reduced kinin activity, as a counterweight to the first, which is implemented in the vascular system, especially in the microvasculature Sopra vascular hypertension. Arose ischemic condition is algogenic hearth, where realized paresteticheski-pain phenomenon. Such profound changes in people PBF should be adjusted medical and non-medical means, napravlennmi at eliminating or mitigating the causes algogenic factors in the form of suggestive effects of antihypertensive drugs generic along with soothing and sedative drugs on the West course of treatment. Simultaneously, patients underwent physical therapy in the form of electrophoresis solution andekolina into sections GPRS where implemented paresthesia and pain. The active substance kallikrein entered using the DC of persistent vasodilator action, you remove the effect of hypoxia and paresteticheski-pain. There will come a cure or significant improvement occurred no less than 98% of patients with PMF, which is significantly higher than previously used methods.


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