• E.M. Danko Uzhhorod National University, Uzhhorod, Ukraine
  • Ye.Ya. Kostenko Uzhhorod National University, Uzhhorod, Ukraine
  • S.B. Kostenko Uzhhorod National University, Uzhhorod, Ukraine
  • V.V. Pantyo Uzhhorod National University, Uzhhorod, Ukraine
Keywords: periodontitis, biofilm, laser radiation, LED radiation, PILER radiation, photodynamic therapy.


Topic relevance. Periodontal tissue diseases currently take a significant place among infectious diseases, both in dentistry and in medicine in general. Traditional methods of treatment of inflammatorydystrophic periodontal diseases do not bring the desired results, so the question arises of finding alternative, non-drug treatments. Among such means, special attention is paid to the use of various types of low-intensity radiation, as well as the cumulative effect of light and photosensitizers.

The aim of the study is to analyze literary sources regarding the use of various types of low-intensity radiation in the treatment of periodontal tissue diseases.

Materials and methods. The research and analysis of scientific literature on the basis of Google Scholar, Research Gate, Wiley Online Library and on the use of various types of radiation in the treatment of periodontal tissue diseases was carried out.

Results and discussion. Laser radiation shows anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, immunomodulatory and

desensitizing effect, stimulates tissue reparation, and also reduces histohemmatic barriers in the inflammatory process, reduces gum hyperemia, which indicates the high efficiency of this method in optimizing the processes of restoring periodontal structures. With wavelengths of 630 and 870 nm, laser radiation at certain parameters increases the sensitivity of S. aureus and P.aeruginosa to commonly used antibiotics.

With long-term exposure, PILER (polychromatic polarized incoherent low-energy radiation) has a similar effect on soft tissues, which improves the results of treatment of chronic catarrhal gingivitis in complex therapy, activates regenerative processes, reduces the spread and pain, normalizes immune processes. Polychromatic and monochromatic PILER shows a pronounced antimicrobial effect against opportunistic pathogens, although complete data on its use in periodontology is not yet available.

LED radiation, in turn, also increases the sensitivity of conditionally pathogenic microorganisms to some antibiotics, causes improvement of oral hygiene indicators, bleeding of gums and stabilization of tooth mobility, inhibits the activation of pro-inflammatory cytokins, has a biostimulating effect on gum fibroblast and antiinflammatory effect.

Experimental studies show that the use of low-intensity radiation and photosensitizers for photodynamic treatment (PDT) show significant improvement of treatment outcomes in periodontal patients. Thus, PDT in combination with mechanical cleaning of periodontal pockets leads to a significant decrease in their depth compared to traditional treatment methods.

Conclusion. Application of various methods of irradiation of periodontal tissues using a certain dose of low-intensity radiation, wavelength and exposure, both individually and in combination with photosensitizers, can be employed in the treatment of inflammatory and inflammatory-dystrophic periodontal diseases as an effective antimicrobial method.


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